Floorball Rink

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Floorball is played using a free standing barrier. Similar to hockey these boards help define the playing surface. Unlike hokey the size of the boards is considerably shorter. Part of the fun in playing Floorball is having a designated playing area. With these boards you'll be able to create a rink anywhere and in any size that will suit your needs. You can also use them to split your gym into multiple areas as needed. These durable and easy to install boards create a designated playing surface, are lightweight, and stack easily for storage. 

You can purchase individual pieces or an entire rink to suit your needs.

Boards Measure: 18" tall, 4' long, 1" thick Boards 

Optional items include brackets and bumper cap (yellow).

To create a playing surface that fits around a high school basketball court you'll need approximately

                56 NiceRink Boards (Included)

                56 NiceRink Spike less Brackets (not included/purchase separately)

                56 4’ Bumper Caps (not included/purchase separately)

*Not official Floorball boards or rink.