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Parties are based out of the Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, WA areas. If you are outside of these areas please feel free to reach out to us and we'll give you a quote on traveling to your location. Please reach out to us so we can confirm available dates for your event.

What is GellyBall?

GellyBall Blasters use a soft gel ball that are shot from easy-to-use Blasters. The soft GellyBalls bounce off kids – leaving no stain, mess or sting.  Unlike Nerf guns, where the players have to constantly reload with ammo off the floor, a GellyBall Blaster holds 750 shots without reloading! Just pull the trigger and they shoot! It's simple and fun!

What's included?

We come to you! Whether you're hosting a party/event in your backyard, at a park, or facility we bring everything you need to have fun! 

GellyBall Guru has everything you need for a fun event or party. Packages include Blasters, GellyBalls, Barriers, and Safety Goggles, everything you need to play, have fun, and be safe. 

How long are the parties?

You will have up to 1-2 hours of private play, rotating on and off the field. Most plan for about a 2 1/2 hour party with some play, a break for some food, finish playing and then relax with some cake, presents, and share the stories of the days adventures!

How do I schedule my party/event? 

You can click on our calendar for available timeslots. Don't see anything available? That's ok. You can reach out to us in advance for specific dates/times for scheduling.

Party Package Pricing

Bronze - $250 : ($25/person) 

  • Up to 10 players ages 5 and up
  • 60 min time slot.
  • 2500 rounds per player

Silver - $350 : ($29/person)

  • Up to 12 players ages 5 and up
  • 90 min time slot.
  • 5000 rounds per player

Gold - $525 : ($35/person)

  • Up to 15 players ages 5 and up
  • 120 min time slot.
  • Unlimited rounds per player

*looking to add more players? We charge a flat fee of $25 per person beyond the stated package price.

*For Bronze & Silver Packages: If your party runs out of ammo you can always buy more GellyBalls. A magazine holds 750 GellyBalls. You can buy another 750 for just $10 (per).

Larger Events: Looking to do something all day? Contact us for specific pricing to meet the needs of your event or organization.