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The FB32 Floorball stick is a the perfect stick for youth and adults looking to get into Floorball. The flex of the shaft is set at 32, which is ideal for young players or people looking to get into the sport with a low cost option.

Our blades set for right hand and left hand shooters, but are not pre-curved. However, you can mold them to suit your preferences. 

Our packages include: 12 Floorball sticks (variety of left and right handed), 12 Flooorball Balls, and our book The Floorball Guru Primer, which includes an 8 week curriculum, and a variety of other helpful information and tips to learn, teach, and play Floorball.

Stick Sizing: Floorball sticks, unlike hockey sticks, are sized from the belly. A properly sized Floorball stick, with the blade on the ground should end around the belly button. This will put the player in the proper position during stick handling. For more information go to